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# Reviewers

The quality of a journal depends on the quality of articles published, which in turn depends upon the quality of refereeing process. Not only the quality in terms of the content, but also the quality in terms of providing early and fast reply to authors and the period from the receipt of an article to its publication depends on the referees. To say in minimum words, referees are the backbone of any peer-reviewed journal. 'World rely on journals and journals rely on referees' - such is the importance of a referee.
We are fortunate to have the services of following experts for our review process.

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Referee Name Specialty
Dr. Preetham S General Dermatology
Dr. Sarita S General dermatology
Dr. Vicente Sabater Dermatopathology
Dr. S Sacchidanand Dermatology
Dr. Sujala Sacchidanand Aradhya Dermatology, Clinical Dermatology
Dr. Divya Sachdev Dermatology
Dr. Mukta Sachdev Cosmetology
Dr. C Sackesen Medicine
Dr. Fsxdcsd Sacsd test
Dr. M Saeedi Hair disorders
Dr. Ajit Sahai Biostatistics
Dr. Kanika Sahni Dermatology
Dr. Biman Saikia Immunology
Dr. Uma Saikia Dermatopathology
Dr. Chaman Saini leprosy
Dr. Rama Murthy Sakamuri Microbiology
Dr. Eman Salah Immunotherapy, lymphoma
Dr. C Salgado Pathology
Dr. CG Salgado Dermatology
Dr. Andac Salman Dermatology, Urticaria, Contact Dermatitis
Dr. NA Sami Lasers
Dr. Sample Sample test
Dr. SampleReviewer SampleReviewer Test Speciality
Dr. Jasleen Sandhu General dermatology
Dr. Sunil Sanghi Dermatology
Dr. A Santos-Briz Pathology
Dr. Abir Saraswat Dermatology
Dr. Aarti Sarda General Dermatology
Dr. Kabir Sardana Dermatology
Dr. Vidyadhar Sardesai Dermatology
Dr. Rashmi Sarkar Pediatric dermatology
Dr. Pankaj Sarkate Biostatistics
Dr. Gargi Sarode Oral Medicine
Dr. K Sarveswari Dermatology
Dr. P Sashidharan STI
Dr. D Satish Dermatology
Dr. E Satter Dermatology
Dr. Paul Saunderson Leprosy
Dr. Sushrut Save Dermatoscopy
Dr. Jayanthi Savio Microbiology
Dr. Ekin Savk Dermatology
Dr. Prabha Sawant Gastroenterology
Dr. Vinod Scaria Genetics
Dr. Enno Schmidt Blistering diseases
Dr. J Schmitt Biostatistics
Dr. Robert Schwartz Dermatology
Dr. Enno Scmidt Blistering diseases
Dr. D Seckin Dermatology
Dr. K Seetharam Dermatology
Dr. VN Sehgal Dermatology
Dr. Balaraman Sekar Leprosy
Dr. Jayamini Seneviratne Pediatric dermatology
Dr. Sujata Sengupta Paediatric dermatology
Dr. Divya Seshadri General Dermatology
Dr. Sunil Sethi Microbiology
Dr. Gomathy Sethuraman Pediatric dermatology
Dr. Maninder Setia Dermatology
Dr. Jane Setterfield Oral Medicine
Dr. Bela Shah Dermatology
Dr. Dheeraj Shah Pediatrics
Dr. Hitesh Shah Dermatopathology
Dr. Manish Shah Dermatology
Dr. Swapnil Shah Dermatosurgery
Dr. Raza Shahzad Oncology
Dr. Vinay Shanker Dermatology
Dr. Aman Sharma Rheumatology
Dr. Aseem Sharma Dermatology
Dr. Ashok Sharma Dermatology, Clinical Dermatology
Dr. N Sharma Dermatology
Dr. Prashant Sharma Hematopathology
Dr. Rajeev Sharma Pediatric dermatology
Dr. Raju Sharma Radiology
Dr. RC Sharma Dermatology
Dr. Sonal Sharma Dermatopathology
Dr. V Sharma Dermatology
Dr. Vinod Sharma Dermatology
Dr. Vishal Sharma Gastroenterology
Dr. Veeranna Shastry Dermatology
Dr. Avner Shemer ABC Speciality
Dr. P Shenefelt Dermatology
Dr. Shrutakirthi Shenoi Dermatology
Dr. Shricharith Shetty General dermatology
Dr. V Shetty Leprosy
Dr. Vanaja Shetty leprosy
Dr. Vinma Shetty Hair
Dr. Ratnesh Shinde Preventive & Social Medicine
Dr. Nandita Shinkre Microbiology
Dr. Ragunatha Shivanna General Dermatology
Dr. MR Shivaprakash Microbiology
Dr. Vorasuk Shotelersuk Dermatology
Dr. S R Shukla Dermatology
Dr. Shiny Shulamite Dermatology
Dr. TOR SHWAYDER Paediatric dermatology
Dr. Alexis Sidoroff Dermatology
Dr. Cristiana Silva Information technology
Dr. Rod Sinclair Hair disorders
Dr. Archana Singal Dermatology
Dr. Aashim Singh Clinical dermatology
Dr. Gagandeep Singh Mycology
Dr. Gurcharan Singh Dermatology
Dr. Gurmohan Singh Dermatology
Dr. Itu Singh Leprosy
Dr. Jatinder Singh Dermatology
Dr. Lokendro Singh General Dermatology
Dr. Nidhi Singh General dermatology
Dr. Pushpendra Singh microbiology
Dr. Rajendra Singh Dermatopathology
Dr. S. Singh Dermatology
Dr. Sanjay Singh Dermatology
Dr. Shubh Mohan Singh Psychiatry
Dr. Mahendra Singhi Dermatology
Dr. Surabhi Sinha Dermatology
Dr. Ganga Sirimanna General dermatology
Dr. C Sirka Dermatology
Dr. Sujata Sistla Microbiology
Dr. A Skaria Plastic Surgery
Dr. M Skorepova Mycology
Dr. W Smith Leprosy
Dr. S Sohl Dermatology
Dr. Savitha Somaiah Dermatosurgery
Dr. Vijay Somani Dermatology
Dr. Marilyn Sommers -
Dr. Prateek Sondhi Dermatology
Dr. Aradhana Sood General dermatology
Dr. Rita Sood Medical education
Dr. Radu-Iulian Spataru Paediatric surgery
Dr. M Spigelman Infectious diseases
Dr. Philipp Spring Dermatology
Dr. Rajiv Sridharan General dermatology
Dr. Aparna Srikantam Leprosy
Dr. CR Srinivas Dermatology
Dr. P Srinivas Dermatology
Dr. T Stamm Dermatology
Dr. S Stnder Dermatology
Dr. M Steinhoff Dermatology
Dr. John Stephen Dermatology
Dr. Eggert Stockfleth Warts
Dr. M Stoll Clinical Immunology
Dr. Welhelm Stolz Dermatology
Dr. Sweta Subhadarshani Dermatitis, STD and blistering disorders
Dr. R Sudhakar Radiology
Dr. M S Sukesh General dermatology
Dr. S Sundar Dermatology
Dr. Murugu Sundaram Dermatology
Dr. Joseph Sundharam Dermatology
Dr. Sujai Suneetha Leprosy
Dr. Swastika Suvirya Clinical dermatology
Dr. K Suzuki Dermatology
Dr. D Swaroop Pathology
Dr. William Swindell Biostatistics
Dr. EK Symvoulakis Dermatology
Dr. RM Szeimies Dermatology
Dr. gota Szepesi Lymphomas
Dr. J Szepietowski Dermatology
Dr. Jacek Szepietowski Pruritus
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