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Year : 2000  |  Volume : 66  |  Issue : 6  |  Page : 326-327

Syringoma of the Vulva

YV Tawade, AM Pradhan, MB Gharpuray, S Shete 

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Y V Tawade


A 12-year old girl presented with asymptomatic multiple skin-colored grouped papules on the vulva. Histopathology revealed features of syringoma.

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Tawade Y V, Pradhan A M, Gharpuray M B, Shete S. Syringoma of the Vulva.Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol 2000;66:326-327

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Tawade Y V, Pradhan A M, Gharpuray M B, Shete S. Syringoma of the Vulva. Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol [serial online] 2000 [cited 2020 Sep 18 ];66:326-327
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Syringoma is a benign tumor of eccrine sweat ducts. It is characterised by multiple, small, firm, flesh coloured papules, the most common sites being the face and neck. The trunk and rarely the genital area may be involved. Carneiro, Gardner and Knox first reported vulval syringoma.[1],[2] Syringoma of the penis has been reported by Zalla and Perry.[3] Guindi, Silberberg and Evans reported a case where the vulval lesions appeared to be a true mixture of syringomatous and trichoepitheliomatous elements.[4]

Histopathology is characterised by numerous dermal tumors composed of multiple small ducts of eccrine type, lined usually by two layers of cuboidal epithelium. Some of the ducts possess a small comma like tail of epithelial cells giving the appearance of a tadpole. Solid nests and strands of cells with basaloid appearance may be present.

 Case Report

A 12- year- old girl presented with asymptomatic, multiple, small, firm, flesh coloured papules of 4 years duration on the vulva involving the left side more than the right side. [Figure:1]

There was no associated regional lymphadenopathy. Systemic examination revealed no abnormality. Routine investigations were normal.[Figure:2]

Histopathology revealed eccrine ducts lined with two layers of cuboidal cells, tadpole appearance of duct, and dense fibrous stroma.


Syringoma usually presents as multiple discrete or grouped, small, firm, flesh coloured papules. The common sites are face and neck. Involvement of genitals has also been described. Involvement of the vulva is relatively rare. Our case showed characteristic clinical and histological findings of vulval syringoma. Treatment options are dermabrasion, electrocauterisation, laser and full thickness grafting of the area.[5]

The aim of reporting this case is to highlight a rare genital lesion which though benign is embarrassing to the patient and to the parents as in this case. We propose to do full thickness graft which has been reported to give satisfactory results.


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