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Year : 1992  |  Volume : 58  |  Issue : 2  |  Page : 131-132

Plica neuropathica

NK Bansal, CM Kuldeep 

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N K Bansal

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Bansal N K, Kuldeep C M. Plica neuropathica.Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol 1992;58:131-132

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Bansal N K, Kuldeep C M. Plica neuropathica. Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol [serial online] 1992 [cited 2020 Sep 18 ];58:131-132
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Le page in 1884 provided a scientific description of Plica neuropathica to disprove the misconcept of a supernatural phenomenon. [1] The condition actually develops because of rapid manipulation of hair after application of detergent shampoos [2],[3],[4],[5] setting lotions, bleaching and waving solutions. The psychological factors may, [5] or may not preexist. [2] We report a case of hair matting due to a herbal preparation 4n mustard oil, for the first time in Indian literature.

 Case Report

A 60-year-old lady with moderate hypertension developed gradually progressive matting of her scalp hair following massage of a herbal preparation containing naphthol, garlic, amaranth, canabis (bhang) and opium in the mustard oil. The same preparation was primarily intended for her joint pain. She had never used bleaches, dyes, setting lotions or shampoos for her hair.

On physical examination, the hair were gray, dry, kinky, irregularly twisted and irreversibly entangled, producing a compact mass. The proximal 5-7 cms and distal ends of hair shafts were not involved in the weave. There was no evidence of infection or infestation in scalp or scalp hair. Her systemic examination didn't reveal any other abnormality except moderate hypertension.

A 15 percent KOH preparation of scalp hair was negative for dermatophytosis and her blood chemistry was also found to be normal.


There are various agents, like detergent shampoos [2],[3],[4],[5], bleaching and waving solutions etc., which can produce hair matting. The main ingredients of medicated shampoos are cationic or anionic detergents like, cetrimide and sodium lauryl sulphate, tar, hexachlorophene, selenium sulphide, wax and pitch etc. The curling, looping, intertwisting and matting of hair occurs due to felting process as a result of friction in a liquid medium. The scales and the electromagnetic force developed during rapid rubbing of hair may also be pathogenic factors.

There may be psychological or psychosomatic disturbances like, hysteria, anxiety, depression, delusions, hallucinations, hypertension, and diabetes mellitus etc., acting as predisposing factors. Interestingly, many people apply mustard oil in scalp hair but none of them have developed hair matting so far, indicates some role of herbal ingredients like, garlic etc. in our case.

To conclude, the herbal ingredients in mustard oil and some anxiety element associated with hypertension ultimately produced a compact mass of hair in present case.


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