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Year : 1979  |  Volume : 45  |  Issue : 6  |  Page : 449-454

Evaluation of «SQ»tetralin and Copper Oleate«SQ» Combination As a Potent Pediculicide

Pushpa Naik1, JC Fernandez2 

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A clinical investigation with a pediculicide preparation containing tetralin + copper oleate as active ingredients was conducted and its therapeutic effect was compared with a preparation containing benzyl benzoate + DDT The study was conducted on 50 patients with pediculosis capitis/corporis/pubis; in a skin out patient department of public hospital in Bombay. They were grouped into two groups of 25 patients each. In each group, 21 hadpediculosisca pitis, 3 had pediculosis corporis and one had pediculosis publs. Preparation containing tetralin + copper oleate was effective in all the patients and one application was enough in majority of patients to kill both lice and nits. However 4 patients (i.e. 16%) showed recurrence within 7 days of stopping treatment, which was probably due to reinfection as they were found to be cured on 7th day«SQ»s examination. Medication containing benzyl benzoate + DDT was also effective in all cases but more than one application was necessary in majority of patients. Hence the duration of therapy was prolonged. Recurrence was noted in 8 patients within a week (i.e. 32%) after stopping treatment. The chief advantage of preparation containing tetralin + copper oleate lies in its comparative effectiveness from a treatment of only 15 minutes duration. It was interesting enough to find this preparation effective in pediculosis with mild secondary infection without the use of antibiotics or chemodierapeutic agent like sulphonamides, in contrast to preparation containing benzyl benzoate + DDT which by itself had no beneficial effect in presence of secondary infection. However, a clinical trial on larger number of cases is necessary for confirmation.

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Naik P, Fernandez J C. Evaluation of 'tetralin and Copper Oleate' Combination As a Potent Pediculicide.Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol 1979;45:449-454

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Naik P, Fernandez J C. Evaluation of 'tetralin and Copper Oleate' Combination As a Potent Pediculicide. Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol [serial online] 1979 [cited 2019 Dec 6 ];45:449-454
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