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Effect of intravenous pulse dexamethasone versus daily oral prednisolone on bone mineral density in dermatology patients: Is it a site-specific response?
Sanjeev Handa, Gurjeet Singh, Amanjot Kaur Arora, Niranjan Khandelwal, Vivek Gupta
DOI:10.4103/0378-6323.204202  PMID:28397714
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Study of the relation between two common cyclooxygenase 2 gene polymorphisms with risk of developing and subtypes of vitiligo in Egyptian patients
Samar Abdallah M Salem, Dalia Gamal Aly, Khalda Sayed Amr, Mahmound Fawzy Abdel-Hamid
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_813_16  PMID:29094684
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Serum macrophage migration inhibitory factor levels in leprosy patients with erythema nodosum leprosum
Frainey Bansal, Tarun Narang, Sunil Dogra, Keshavamurthy Vinay, Seema Chhabra
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_591_16  PMID:28656911
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Chinese version of the Treatment of Autoimmune Bullous Disease Quality of Life questionnaire: Reliability and validity
Guo Chen, Baoqi Yang, Zhaoxia Zhang, Qing Yang, Xiaoxiao Yan, Dédée F Murrell, Furen Zhang
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_538_16  PMID:28485307
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Paraffin-embedded micrographic surgery for the treatment of dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans: Analysis of 33 patients
Adriana Martín-Fuentes, Esther De Eusebio-Murillo, Consuelo Sánchez Herreros, Adrian Ballano-Ruiz, Esther Jiménez Blázquez, Jesús Cuevas-Santos
DOI:10.4103/0378-6323.190853  PMID:27643548
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
A retrospective study of the utility of targeted phototherapy in vitiligo
Abhijit D Raghuwanshi, Minty W Jambhore, Vishalakshi Viswanath, Vinay Gopalani
DOI:10.4103/0378-6323.187684  PMID:27506503
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Hodgkin's lymphoma arising in a case of mycosis fungoides: An unusual association
Preeti Sharma, Surbhi Goyal, Amit Kumar Yadav, Jasmeet Singh, Ashish Kumar Mandal
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_744_16  PMID:29098990
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Acral angioosteoma cutis: A rare case
Senay Erdogan-Durmus, Selver Ozekinci, Enver Yarikkaya, Nurhan Erzurumluoglu
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_117_17  PMID:29094683
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Mycobacterium chelonae infection complicating traumatic and surgical wounds: A case series
Soumya Jagadeesan, V Anilkumar, Vinitha Varghese Panicker, Gopikrishnan Anjaneyan, Jacob Thomas
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_711_16  PMID:28879868
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
An unusual case of lymphomatoid papulosis type E with extensive necrosis
Cristina Pindado-Ortega, Pablo Fonda-Pascual, Diego Buendía-Castaño, Pablo Fernández-González, Lourdes Peña-Jaimes, Rosario Carrillo-Gijón
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_871_16  PMID:29067932
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Granulomatous slack skin syndrome: Report of a unique case
S Uma Maheswari, V Sampath, A Ramesh
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_727_16  PMID:29067930
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Erratum: Intracutaneous pharmacokinetics of oral antifungals and their relevance in recalcitrant cutaneous dermatophytosis: Time to revisit basics
Erratum: A noncancerous variant of xeroderma pigmentosum type D associated with novel heterozygous missense ERCC2 gene mutation
Erratum: Extranodal natural killer/T cell lymphoma, nasal type presenting as recurrent facial cellulitis
Erratum: Accidental occupational fireworks tattoo
Erratum: Infantile hemangioma associated with PHACES syndrome showing a dramatic response to oral propranolol
Erratum: Ocular involvement in lamellar Ichthyosis
Cirsoid aneurysm of scalp
Sirisha Varala, Geeta Kiran Arakkal, Shashikant Malkud, Bhaskar Narayana
Canaliform median raphe cyst
Debabrata Bandyopadhyay
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_945_16  PMID:29094685
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Dermoscopy and scanning electron microscopy in two cases with hair shaft damage secondary to hair straightening
Feroze Kaliyadan, BB Gosai, Walid Naief Ali Al Melhim, Hani Mohammed Al Rasasi, P Joel Kuruvilla
Eosinophilic dermatoses (exaggerated insect bite-like reaction) associated with hematological malignancy: Report of three cases
Maria Mariano, Claudia Cavallotti, Luca Muscardin, Norma Cameli
Generalized Dowling–Degos disease with hypopigmented lesions: A diagnostic challenge
Anupama Ghosh, Piyush Kumar, Anupam Das
Identification of a novel missense mutation in the NOD2 gene in a Chinese child with early-onset sarcoidosis
Xiaopo Wang, Xiaofeng Zhang, Wei Zhang, Jianfang Sun
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_645_16  PMID:29067935
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Multiple, neonatal, self-healing, cutaneous glomuvenous malformations
Alberto Conde-Taboada, Lucía Campos, Lucía Cuccolini, Eduardo López-Bran
DOI:10.4103/0378-6323.196319  PMID:28004650
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Pegylated liposomal doxorubicin-induced miliaria crystallina and lichenoid follicular eruption
Amelie Clementine Seghers, Hong Liang Tey, Shang-Ian Tee, Taige Cao, Wei-Sheng Chong
DOI:10.4103/0378-6323.206233  PMID:28513486
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Partial unilateral lentiginosis with ipsilateral ocular involvement and seizures
Vishal Gupta, Neha Taneja, Binod K Khaitan, Manish Singh
Angiospastic macules of Bier: A cause of mottled skin
César Daniel Villarreal-Villarreal, Juan Carlos Robles-Mendez, Angel Eduardo Guerra-Vazquez, Jorge Ocampo-Candiani
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_915_16  PMID:29098991
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Reversible twisted and rolled hairs due to manual twisting: Two case reports
Di-Qing Luo, Juan-Hua Liu, Rashmi Sarkar, Yu-Kun Zhao, Fang Wang, Hui-Hui Wu
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_60_17  PMID:29076462
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Pemphigus vegetans arising in umbilicus: Successful clearance with intralesional steroid
Tubanur Sarmis Çetinarslan, Aylin Türel Ermertcan, Peyker Temiz, Semra Kurutepe
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_559_16  PMID:28879869
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Giant eccrine porocarcinoma in an unusual location
Aylin Turel Ermertcan, M Kürşat Evrenos, Ferdi Öztürk, Peyker Temiz
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_300_16  PMID:28928336
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
A rare presentation of keratosis follicularis spinulosa decalvans in female twins
Rishabh Kumar Chauhan, Saumya Sankhwar, Ruchika Tripathi, SS Pandey
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_524_16  PMID:28928337
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Phacomatosis pigmentokeratotica: A very rare twin spotting phenomenon
Darshan R Karia, Apeksha N Solanki, Ashish G Jagati, Bela J Shah
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_1013_15  PMID:28799528
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Cancrum oris (noma): An early sign of acute lymphoblastic leukemia relapse
Irappa Madabhavi, Swaroop Revannasiddaiah, Malay Sarkar
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_1038_14  PMID:28799529
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Olmsted syndrome in three sisters in a family
Prasenjeet Mohanty, Gaurav Dash, Liza Mohapatra, Manas Ranjan Puhan
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_523_16  PMID:28799532
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Congenital hypertrichosis lanuginosa
Iffat Hassan Shah, Sumaya Zeerak, Peerzada Sajad, Safia Bashir, Yasmeen J Bhat, Syed Mubashir
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_525_16  PMID:28566560
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Clinicoepidemiologic study of verruca plana at a tertiary care center
Vaishali Masatkar, Lalit Kumar Gupta, Ashok Kumar Khare, Sharad Mehta, Asit Mittal
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_1028_15  PMID:28440228
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Extensive milia formation in a young woman with bullous pemphigoid
Subramanian Kumudhini, Raghavendra Rao, Kanthilatha Pai, Sricharith Shetty, Sathish Pai
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_402_16  PMID:28440230
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Superficial granulomatous pyoderma: A great mimicker
Sheetanshu Kumar, Keshavamurthy Vinay, Davinder Parsad, Uma N Saikia, Muthu Sendhil Kumaran
DOI:10.4103/0378-6323.196317  PMID:28004648
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Tufted angioma with recurrent Kasabach-Merritt phenomenon
Neetu Bhari, Banwari Lal Jangid, Piyush Pahadiya, Sanjay Singh, Sudheer Arava, Atin Kumar, Vinod Kumar Sharma, Gomathy Sethuraman
DOI:10.4103/0378-6323.193622  PMID:27852998
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Median raphe cyst of penis
Deepali Chandrakant Tarate, Swagata Arvind Tambe, Chitra Shivanand Nayak
DOI:10.4103/0378-6323.193627  PMID:27853003
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Effectiveness of topical green tea against multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in cases of primary pyoderma: An open controlled trial
Nagaraju Umashankar, Belliappa Pemmanda, P Gopkumar, AJ Hemalatha, Priya K Sundar, HV Prashanth
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_207_16  PMID:29146890
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Polymorphism of glutathione S-transferase M1 and T1 genes and susceptibility to psoriasis disease: A study from North India
Daya Shankar Lal Srivastava, Vijay K Jain, Poonam Verma, Jaya P Yadav
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_1128_16  PMID:29067933
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Prevalence of ocular findings in a sample of Egyptian patients with psoriasis
Salma Samir Omar, Hany Ahmed Helaly
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_1239_15  PMID:29067934
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
A study of the histopathology of palmo-plantar psoriasis and hyperkeratotic palmo-plantar dermatitis
Ashwin Rao, Sujay Khandpur, M Kalaivani
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_71_16  PMID:28879870
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Congenital asymptomatic papule on the lower eyelid
Keshavmurthy A Adya, Aparna Palit, Arun C Inamadar
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_999_16  PMID:29067936
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
A verrucous plaque on the intergluteal cleft
Fernández Ballesteros, E Gómez Moyano, M Ayala Blanca, S Simonsen
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_805_16  PMID:28948943
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Painful ulcer of the pinna in an immunocompromised patient
E Gomez Moyano, M Ayala Blanca, F Jiménez Oñate, L Martínez Pilar
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_806_16  PMID:29067931
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
An annoying mass of the nail bed
Emi Dika, Marco Adriano Chessa, Pier Alessandro Fanti, Aurora Alessandrini, Michela Starace, Bianca Maria Piraccini
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_417_16  PMID:28836509
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Steroid-resistant erythroderma and alopecia in a newborn
Rana A El Khoury, Elie H Maalouf, Elio G Kechichian, Roland R Tomb
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_666_16  PMID:28836510
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Recurrent painful lesions on the lower lip
Paula Hasbún Acuña, Ana Castro Pardo, Mauricio Aspée Roa
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_430_16  PMID:28513481
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
A red, swollen and painful lesion on the right hand after local steroid injections
Kaisheng Liao, Chienliang Fang, Chienchin Chen
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_582_16  PMID:28474642
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Pigmented oral lesion in a patient with metastatic melanoma
Cintia Arjona-Aguilera, Cristina Collantes-Rodríguez, Cristina Gil-Jassogne, Lidia Ossorio-García, David Jiménez-Gallo
DOI:10.4103/0378-6323.186484  PMID:27451926
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]

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