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Articles published online under the Ahead of Print model are considered published and can be cited and quoted using the DOI as the reference source. Wolters Kluwer Medknow has a policy that changes will not be made after publication of an article without following accepted procedures for making corrections to the scientific record.

 Full text articles
A comparative study on the turnaround time of article processing in dermatology journals: A need for improvement of this aspect in Indian journals
Seema Manjunath, Rajsmita Bhattacharjee, T Muhammed Razmi, Tarun Narang, Keshavamurthy Vinay
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_1043_18  PMID:32372759
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Analysis of submissions, editorial and peer-review process, and outcome of manuscripts submitted to the Indian Journal of Dermatology Venereology and Leprology over a 6-month period
Vishal Gupta, Riti Bhatia, Mona Pathak, M Ramam
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_119_19  PMID:32167071
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
An observational study to determine the sensitizing potential of orthopedic implants
Haridaran Anand Shanmugham, Sanjeev Handa, Dipankar De, Mandeep Singh Dhillon, Sameer Aggarwal
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_789_18  PMID:32134002
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Thymocyte selection–associated high-mobility group box as a potential diagnostic marker differentiating hypopigmented mycosis fungoides from early vitiligo: A pilot study
Mona Abdel-Halim Ibrahim, Abdelrahman Mohamed, Marwa Yassin Soltan
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_1011_18  PMID:31857520
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Efficacy of salicylic acid peel in dermatophytosis
Vikrant Saoji, Bhushan Madke
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_853_18  PMID:31650983
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
A short, 8-week course of imiquimod 5% cream versus podophyllotoxin in the treatment of anogenital warts: A retrospective comparative cohort study
Electra Nicolaidou, Antonios Kanelleas, S Nikolakopoulos, G Bezrodnii, E Nearchou, M Gerodimou, E Papadopoulou-Skordou, V Paparizos, D Rigopoulos
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_148_19  PMID:31650979
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Family dermatology life quality index in patients with pemphigus vulgaris: A cross-sectional study
Sarvin Sajedianfard, Farhad Handjani, Nasrin Saki, Alireza Heiran
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_276_18  PMID:31464197
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Facial involvement in Indian psoriatic patients and its association with disease severity and metabolic syndrome: A cross-sectional study
P.S.S. Ranugha, Priya Bishnoi, Laxmisha Chandrashekar
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_655_18  PMID:31317874
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
A retrospective case series of 12 patients with chronic reactive arthritis with emphasis on treatment outcome with biologics
Vishal Gupta, Pratik Mohta, Vinod Kumar Sharma, Neena Khanna
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_519_18  PMID:31293276
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Topical steroids: Awareness and misuse among patients, pharmacists and general medical practitioner
Niral K Sheth, Pragya Ashok Nair
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_84_18  PMID:30971536
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Characteristic patterns of segmental infantile hemangiomas in Indian children: A descriptive study
Chander Grover, Subuhi Kaul, Amit Kumar Dhawan, Manish Narang, Vinita Rathi
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_289_18  PMID:31169257
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Study of visfatin expression in acne patients in tissue and serum
Nesrin Samir, RM Alyafrasi, Sara S Ashour, Suzan Shalaby
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_856_18  PMID:32242871
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Nannizzia incurvata as a rare cause of favus and tinea corporis in Cambodia and Vietnam
Silke Uhrlaß, Sithach Mey, Stefanie Storch, Franziska Wittig, Daniela Koch, Constanze Krüger, Pietro Nenoff
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_954_18  PMID:32525102
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Granulomatous reaction following bacillus Calmette–Guérin vaccination: Successful response to clarithromycin
Arti Nanda, Humoud Al-Sabah, Anwar Al-Sumait, Nadia AlNaqi, Mohammad Al-Otaibi, Atlal AlLafi
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_543_19  PMID:32056979
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Concomitant psoriasis and hidradenitis suppurativa responsive to adalimumab therapy: A case series
Chi-Feng Yen, Yu-Huei Huang, Ching-Chi Chi
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_455_18  PMID:31389375
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Acne fulminans in a young man with granulomatosis with polyangiitis (Wegener's granulomatosis): A chance association or marker of serious systemic disease?
Shyam Verma, Rajiv Joshi, Ripal Shah
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_155_18  PMID:31293274
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Diagnosis of subclinical extramammary Paget's disease with a combination of noninvasive photodynamic diagnosis and reflectance confocal microscopy
Liming Huang, Yan Wang, Minzhi Wu, Jun Zhao, Wei Zhang, Liang Zhao, Xingfan Mo, Fang Fang
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_895_17  PMID:30829297
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Oseltamivir-induced toxic epidermal necrolysis in a patient with Cushing's disease
Jéssica González-Ramos, Cristina Lamas, Teresa Bellón, Elena Ruiz-Bravo, Elena Ramírez, Victoria Lerma, Beatriz Lecumberri
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_53_18  PMID:30688217
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Glucagonoma syndrome with atypical necrolytic migratory erythema
Shujuan He, Weihui Zeng, Songmei Geng, Jinjing Jia
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_588_18  PMID:31368453
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Editorial: Publishing in the Time of Pandemic: Editorial Policy of a Dermatology Journal During COVID-19
Erratum: Infantile hemangioma associated with PHACES syndrome showing a dramatic response to oral propranolol
Erratum: Ocular involvement in lamellar Ichthyosis
Erratum: Accidental occupational fireworks tattoo
Primary anetoderma of Jadassohn-Pellizzari: A “saclike” skin
Chi-Hui Wang, Chau Yee Ng
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_257_19  PMID:32415048
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Giant Koenen tumors involving 20 nails
Rashmi Jindal, Sanjay Dvivedi, Sheenam Sethi
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_772_19  PMID:32270768
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Yellow urticaria in a patient with alcohol-related liver cirrhosis and jaundice
Dimitra Koumaki, George Demetriou, Konstantinos Krasagakis
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_616_19  PMID:32108616
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Midface toddler excoriation syndrome
Piyush Kumar, Anupam Das
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_323_19  PMID:31975696
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Acneiform eruption secondary to radiotherapy
Wei Liu, Jia-Wei Liu, Dong-Lai Ma
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_421_19  PMID:31929232
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Pili multigemini
Eeshaan Ranjan, Sandeep Arora, Raka Maitra
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_139_19  PMID:31857519
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Yellowish periumbilical plaque with keratotic papules
Prashant Bharti, Soniya Mahajan, Swati Mahajan, M Ramam, Vishal Gupta
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_828_18  PMID:31857518
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Dermoscopy of arteriovenous hemangioma
Stephen Chu-Sung Hu, Chi-Ling Lin
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_213_19  PMID:31650977
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Case of syphilis with alopecia and folliculitis as manifestations
Yu-Ying Lin, Yun-Shan Tseng, Wei Zhu
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_336_18  PMID:31464198
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus superinfection over untreated candidiasis resulting in oronasal fistula
Santosh Palla, Vandana Shekar, Jagat R. C. Reddy
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_573_18  PMID:31464199
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Microcystic adnexal carcinoma
Mahendra M Kura, Veeral Manoj Aliporewala, Saroj Bolde, Sanjay Bijwe
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_677_18  PMID:31347515
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Keratoacanthoma arising within a linear epidermal nevus
Noureddine Litaiem, Asma Toumi, Faten Zeglaoui
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_842_18  PMID:31347516
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Spindle-cell malignant melanoma
Jaime Company-Quiroga, Héctor Magro-Garcia, Cristina Martinez-Moran
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_1046_18  PMID:31249216
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Reactive syringofibroadenoma
Piyush Kumar, Anupam Das, PC Das
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_924_18  PMID:31249214
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Secondary syphilis as a single annular plaque on the penis mimicking granuloma annulare
Blanca Ferrer Guillén, María Macarena Giácaman von der Weth, Cristian Valenzuela Oñate, Jorge Magdaleno Tapial, Pablo Hernández Bel
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_582_17  PMID:32242867
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Skin biopsy–induced blistering in urticarial bullous pemphigoid
Arshdeep, Meenakshi Batrani, Asha Kubba, Raj Kubba
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_453_18  PMID:31389377
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
A rare presentation of elephantiasis involving vulvae in an Indian female
Mahendra Pratap Singh, Rohit Saluja
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_274_18  PMID:32525103
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Blue palms and nails: A clue to diagnosis of alkaptonuria
Chandra Sekhar Sirka, Arpita Nibedita Rout, Suprava Naik, Kananbala Sahu
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_275_19  PMID:32317404
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
The efficacy of measles–mumps–rubella vaccine versus salicylic acid–lactic paint in the treatment of warts
Ashish R Deshmukh, Snehal S Nawale, Shruti S Patil, Suraj S Pawar
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_1000_19  PMID:32167070
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
A mycological study of tinea corporis: A changing epidemiological trend from Trichophyton rubrum to Trichophyton mentagrophytes in India
Varsha Saxena, Manjunath Mala Shenoy, Jitendra Chandra Devrari, Vidya Pai, Vishal Agrawal
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_766_17  PMID:32068195
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Subcutaneous panniculitis-like T-cell lymphoma
Kalgi D Baxi, Santoshdev P Rathod, Raju G Chaudhary, Ashish Jagati
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_635_18  PMID:31975700
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Polarized and ultraviolet dermoscopy for the diagnosis of dermatophytosis of vellus hair
Jiaoqing Tang, Yuping Ran
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_65_19  PMID:31898639
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Metabolic syndrome and female gender, but not methotrexate, are the important associations of significant liver fibrosis in patients with moderate-to-severe psoriasis as detected by transient elastography
Rahul Mahajan, Sunil Dogra, Sanjeev Handa, T Muhammed Razmi, Tarun Narang, Sahaj Rathi, Radha Krishan Dhiman, Biman Saikia, Adil Karim
Validation of the diagnostic criteria for segmental vitiligo
Priyanka Gupta, Binod K Khaitan, M Ramam, V Ramesh, JA Sundharam, Amit Malhotra, Vishal Gupta, Vishnubhatla Sreenivas
A cross-sectional study to analyze the clinical subtype, contact sensitization and impact of disease severity on quality of life and cost of illness in patients of hand eczema
Vandana Kataria, Deepika Pandhi, Sambit Nath Bhattacharya
Ultrasound liver elastography for the detection of liver fibrosis in patients with psoriasis and reactive arthritis on long-term methotrexate therapy: A cross-sectional study
Sujay Khandpur, Deepika Yadav, Banwari Jangid, Alok Kumar, Shalimar
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_425_19  PMID:32525101
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Cytokine gene polymorphisms in type I and type II reactions in Hansen's disease
Vijendran Pragasam, Biju Vasudevan, Nikhil Moorchung
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_619_18  PMID:32372760
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Lack of association of IL-10 (rs1800896) and IL-13 (rs1800925) with non-segmental vitiligo susceptibility in South Indian population
Kalai Selvi Rajendiran, Medha Rajappa, Laxmisha Chandrashekar, DM Thappa, Panneer Devaraju
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_124_19  PMID:32295963
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Assessment of liver and renal functions in human immunodeficiency virus-infected persons on highly active antiretroviral therapy: A mixed cohort study
Vikram K Mahajan, Dhaarna Wadhwa, Aditi Sharma, Shailja Chauhan, Sanket Vashist, Prabal Kumar, Bhumika Chowdhry
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_169_18  PMID:31975695
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Basal cell carcinoma, blue-white variant: Dermatoscopic findings in 32 cases
Ricardo Quiñones-Venegas, Juan Enrique Paniagua-Santos, Elizabeth Guevara-Gutierrez, Gabriel Esteban-Salerni, Roger Adrian Gonzalez-Ramirez, Alberto Tlacuilo-Parra
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_452_18  PMID:31417071
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Expression of CD117 and platelet-derived growth factor receptor α in patients with alopecia areata
Saritha Mohanan, Mary Theresa Sylvia, Udayashankar Carounanidy, Ramachandran V Bhat
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_557_19  PMID:32461384
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Intratherapeutic dermoscopy assists nevus removal by laser therapy
Chun-Yu Cheng
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_569_19  PMID:32242869
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Generalized asymptomatic erythematous nodules and plaques
Xiu Fang Chen, Yi Zhan, Ya Ping Li, Jing Zhang, Ying Zhou, Gui Ying Zhang
Nonhealing ulcer on the fingertip
Vishal Gupta, Ananya Sharma, Neena Khanna, Swati Mahajan, Asit Ranjan Mridha
A painless, solitary, yellow-pink colored, vascularized, firm nodule on the forehead
Zülküf Arslan, Tubanur Çetinarslan, Zülfikar Ulas Bali, Mustafa Kürsat Evrenos, Peyker Temiz, Aylin Türel Ermertcan
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_265_19  PMID:32341208
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Asymptomatic brownish hyperkeratotic scaly plaque on the thigh
Jana Al-Hage, Edith Hanna, Mazen Kurban, Ossama Abbas
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_630_19  PMID:32167072
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Leonine facies
Qin Jian Low, Seng Wee Cheo, Wen Yee Evelyn Yap
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_983_18  PMID:32068196
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Painful subcutaneous nodules on the trunk and forearm in a young man
Chi-Hui Wang, Tseng-tong Kuo, Chun-Bing Chen
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_128_19  PMID:31898638
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Papules on the vulva and perianal area in a young woman
Xiuyan Shi, Xiaohui Shi, Aihua Jia, Xianmin Meng, Hong Luan
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_587_18  PMID:31823903
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Impressive reddish nodules with neoplastic-like appearance in a patient with Alzheimer's disease
Maddalena Siragusa, Maria Lentini, Carmelo Schepis
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_226_19  PMID:31793498
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Chronic subungual lesion in a young woman
Hamidreza Mahmoudi, Zahra Hallaji, Maryam Daneshpazhooh, Amin Kiani, Azita Nikoo, Negar Bahrololoumi Bafruee
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_654_17  PMID:31650981
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Milia-like papules and cutaneous atrophy on the infraorbital area
Yingjie Lu, Hongmiao Wang, Hua Zheng
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_799_18  PMID:31650982
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
The case of a bleeding nail
Chander Grover, Ankita Chauhan, Sonal Sharma
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_772_18  PMID:31389378
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Asymptomatic swelling on the great toe in a 13-year-old boy
Yasmeen Jabeen Bhat, Asif Nazir Baba, Faizan Younis Shah, Rohi Wani, Muzafar Ahmad Mir
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_334_18  PMID:31303638
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
Pigmented papule on the volar aspect of left middle finger
Qian-Nan Jia, Kai Fang, Tao Qu
DOI:10.4103/ijdvl.IJDVL_21_18  PMID:31089007
[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]    [PubMed]
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